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Fuku Katsuya Japanese Restaurant at Sungai Petani

Location: Taman Lagenda Height, Sungai Petani Ratings: Food: 4/5 Services: 4/5 Cleanliness: 4.5/5              

Hotmas Restaurant at Sungai Petani

yesterday i went to Hotmas Restaurant take the dinner. But i didn’t bring my canon camera so i use iphone 4 take the photo. Below photo is without editing. milo ais (terlalu manis sidit la) Chicken chop with Oriental Sauce RM 9.00 (cheap???) Nasi Goreng Ayam Grill Chicken with Black Pepper Have you see the white paper got some green [...]


福慧冷气素食餐馆 哇。。 炸苦瓜 鸳鸯粉 素鸭 豆腐菜咯。。 印度咖喱面 满好吃的不妨试试吃!

Uncle John Kopitiam at Giant, Sungai Petani?

Giant Sungai Petani 新开至今,我都没去。 难得心血来潮,就和bf 手牵手去逛逛。。。 瞧。这张照片够艺术吧。。 都开张几个月了,怎么还是那么多车? ee..Giant 里面有一间Uncle John Kopitiam? 和Old Town Kopitiam 好像哦。。 环境有一点古典的感觉哦。。 Hot White Coffee vs Ice White Coffee 烤面包。。还好。。 hmm..这个不错。。有加蛋的。。好吃。。

Lagenda Coffee (Sungai Petani)

i went to Lagenda Coffee with bf on last Friday to taste the food and drink.   the environtment is not bad.. quite comfortable… my bf order Capuccino Ice Blended.. and i order Lagenda Cafe Ice Blended.. ice cream and v also have side order hmm…no bad… can come to try